The Big Picture

Big picture of the Orion Nebula and the regions studied with the Hubble Space Telescope. Based on observations made with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, and obtained from the Hubble Legacy Archive, which is a collaboration between the Space Telescope Science Institute (STSCI, NASA), the Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility (ST-ECF/ESA) and the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre (CADC/NRC/CSA).

Here I use my own picture of the Orion Nebula to identify regions which seem interesting to me and I use the pictures from the Hubble Legacy Archive to study these regions in greater detail. Currently I have processed and analyzed three regions of interest: The Orion Bar region, the Orion Cavity region and the Orion BN Object region. These regions are discussed in more detail in the following sections.